The Gullyver borehole camera BK100-LWL-Sensor has been developed for the inspection of bore holes with a depth up to 1000m (optional up to 1500m). With an outer diameter of 80mm it can be used for a nominal diameter of 100 up to 1000mm.

The BK100-LWL-Sensor is an upgraded version of the BK100-LWL camera with additional sensors to measure physical data. Which kind of sensors are to be integrated is determined by your requirements. Numerous different configurations are possible.

This is an example of a possible configuration of sensors specifically composed for a client in the field of mining:


  • operational range consistent with BK00-LWL camera
  • easy to clean thanks to anodised surface
  • power supply via BK100-LWL supply unit
  • real-time interpretation of sensor data on notebook- PC
  • sensors for:
  • wind speed
  • oxygen content
  • ambient temperature
  • surface temperature
  • pressure
  • integrated electronic magnetic compass to determine direction
  • communication via integrated bi-directional intercom connection