• T5 box wagon, wheelbase 3400mm, permissible total weight 3,2 t, 2,5 l engine TDI EURO 4, 96 KW, 6-speed gearbox, sliding doors left and right, air-conditioning, park
  • heating
  • vCam
  • push camera, colour, self-levelling, with logging unit and digital
  • recorder
  • pressure
  • test bench with compressor and equipment for direct house
  • connection
  • Industrial
  • PC equipped with WinCan Entry, video digitalisation (MPEG 1,2,4) and UPS for complete, standardised
  • logging
  • complete
  • furnishing with generator, cleaning unit, shelving, tripod and set of
  • drawers
  • software
  • instruction, vehicle briefing, remote service, set of tools and spare parts

iPEK Rovver®


  • Rovver
  • ®-control unit with data display
  • Rovver®-control panel
  • FW100, carriage with additional sets of wheels, additional lighting
  • RC80, camera with data display
  • RA200, motorised cable reel with 100m of cable
  • Rovver® standard equipment


A wide range of possible accessories. Please contact us for detailed information or take a look at the options Page.