Deformation measurement system

NEW: Laser ShapeScanner RCX90

The new iPEK Laser ShapeScanner LSSserves for precise measurement of diameters and for identifying deformations in the examination of sewers and pipework systems from DN150 to DN700.In a circular pipe, the Laser ShapeScanner LSS projects a laser circle onto the wall of the pipe. This circle is recorded by the camera. Additional software (such as WINCAN LaserScan software-module) enables cross-section profiles and deformation measurements. Furthermore features: Compatible to camera head RCX90 of the pipe-inspection system ROVION®, Application range from DN150 to DN700 due to combination of rods with different length, Focusable laser, Camera Adapter with joint foreasy positioning of the inspection system with assembled Laser ShapeScanner LSSinto the manhole, Magnetic joint locker that allows 360° rotation of the camera with assembled Laser ShapeScanner LSS, Shock protector of the laser unit, Calibration unitfor the calibration of the evaluation software.

Deformation measurement system.

The Profiler has been developed to provide pipeline engineers and contractors very accurate empirical data on the ovality, capacity, and other conditions in new and existing pipelines. The Profiler simply attaches to your existing CCTV Camera and the resulting CCTV images are analysed using innovative 'machine vision' software.

The Concept - Simple and Easy

  • A ring of laser light projected onto the internal pipe
  • surface
  • Laser
  • image in the field of view of the camera while camera moves through the
  • pipe
  • Analysis
  • performed on the ring of light using the Profiler software to build a digital pipe profile
  • For use with live or pre-recorded to video (tape, CD, or DVD)

The Hardware

  • Easily attaches to your existing iPek CCTV
  • Camera
  • High-strength
  • carbon fibre and aluminium
  • construction
  • Internally
  • battery powered (rechargeable) so no electrical connections are
  • required
  • No
  • moving parts

The Software

The software uses machine vision. Machine vision is used to find where in the video image the laser profile (red laser line) exists. Each frame of the inspection video is analysed to build a digital profile of the pipe. From this 'profile', the ClearLine Profiler built-in functions display:

  • Ovality:
    The Ovality function calculates the "q" (as per ASTM F 1216, the internationally recognised standard for CIPP rehabilitation).
  • Capacity:
    The capacity (X-sectional area) function calculates the cross-sectional area for each profile and normalizes the results against the expected internal pipe area.
  • Delta:
    The Delta calculation finds the maximum and minimum pipe radius for each profile.

Pipe Size Ranges

Our model range covers 150mm (6") through to 3000mm (118")