The Gullyver borehole camera BK100-LWL has been developed for the inspection of bore holes with a depth up to 1000m (optional up to 1500m). With an outer diameter of 80mm it can be used for a nominal diameter of 100 up to 600mm.

The BK100-LWL has two integrated cameras: one with axial direction and one rotating camera with radial direction. Both cameras are equipped with auto-focus and a 10-x zoom.

Data transfer takes place via an LWL (=optical fibre) cable with a tensile strength of 400kg. It is this cable’s very low weight which allows for an operational depth of 1500m.

With additional lighting an operational range of a nominal diameter of up to 1m can be reached. Extra accessories are optional, such as additional sensors for the measurement of temperature, density, pH-value, etc.


  • two colour cameras with auto-focus and 10-x zoom
  • high-capacity, integrated LED illumination
  • operational from 100 to 600mm diameter
  • operational up to 1500m depth
  • easy to clean thanks to anodised surface

control unit:

  • robust and splash-proof thanks to PELITM-casing
  • easy to use data-inscription incl. length meter
  • high resolution 8´´ TFT colour monitor
  • video output (PAL)


  • additional lighting (increases operational range to 1000mm diameter)
  • tripod with pulley
  • with laptop computer and software upgradeable into full-fledged, compact inspection system
  • digital video recording on hard drive compatible with all established PC formats; to be copied and stored from PC onto all standard media
  • physical sensors