GeoWellCam / GeoWellCam compact

The GeoWellCam System is a mobile, very powerful video inspection system for boreholes and water wells with a diameter range from 2" (DN 50) up to 20" (DN1000) and up to 500m depth.

GeoWellCam compact

In combination with the GUL300/500 compact automatic cable drum or with GUL100 compact manual cable drum, a normal notebook together with a special software and a ordinary joystick (e.g. X-Box Game Pad) can be used as the control unit. The notebook monitor is used for the video and there are possibilities to safe video and photos or to use our protocol software GCC-Vision-Report. The current depth, the date, time, position etc. can be displayed in the video. The System can be easily extended to changing requirements, e.g. bigger diameters (up to 1.000), bigger depth (up to 500m) or with a compass



If your are interested in installing the GeoWellCam system in a inspection vehicle check out our inspection vehicles: