GWC Accesories

GWC Compass Module

This compact compass module can be connected to all borehole cameras of the Gullyver GWC series (BSK50SV500, SVC110). For these P&T cameras it offers, as a data overlay in the video, the viewing angle related to magnetic north.  Additionally to the compass (z-axis) this module is equipped with 2 Inclinometer which measure the deviation of the borehole from vertical. Also this value can be displayed in the video and together with our software also be transferred to an excel sheet in order to generate a 3D model of the borehole


Stripping Taper

We invented a stripping taper to prevent the camera from getting stuck.


GWC Desktop Control Panel

On a status display all relevant information, like inner pressure and temperature of camera and rotation unit and - if connected - of compass unit are displayed. The camera is controlled via a multi-axial joystick, the winch via a potentiometer and the complex camera functions (macro) via a touchpad.  These elements are mounted in a panel designed to use it on the desktop.

GWC Compass 18

This compass 18 is an add-on to our GWC borehole and water well inspection system family. This module can be used to measure the deviation of boreholes for geothermal probes. Regarding the small, needed diameter of 18mm, the used connector is smaller than the standard GWC connector. By using an adapter it is possibleto connect standard GWC cameras to this system.  
With the BK18 camera connected to the lower end of this module it is possible to do the deviation measurement and an optical inspection at the same time. With our GCC-Vision software the operator can control the whole system (camera, cable reel etc), record a video and the deviation measurement.