GWC Cameras

Camera BSK50


  • Color Pan & Tilt Camera
  • integrated LED light
  • water tight until 50 bar
  • Operating Range 50mm – 150mm (up to 300mm with auxiliary light)
  • autom joint control, 90° tilt etc. available by pushing a button
  • continues internal pressure control
  • continues internal temperature control







Auxiliary Light BSK50

With this auxilaray Light the operating range of the BSK50-SV500 increases to 300mm

  • Weight: 175g




Camera BSK125


  • Color Pan & Tilt Camera with auto focus, 10-times optical and 4-times digital Zoom
  • 2 x 135º tilt and endless rotation
  • water tight until 50 bar
  • Operating range 125mm – 600mm diameter
  • Integrated LED light, auxiliary light
  • continues internal pressure control


  •  auxiliary light


Gullyver BKR45 (BK45)

BKR45 is an axial camera compatible to the Gullyver GeoWellCam family. This particularly rugged camera is used for basic inspections, for which an axial view is sufficient or for critical applications, to avoid damages or loss of a comparatively expensive pan- & tilt-camera. Further specifications of this camera are the water tightness up to 50bar and an operating range from 2” to 10“.

This camera is also available as BK45. This version with slightly reduced robustness allows light control, by filling the camera with nitrogen and controlling the inside pressure you are informed about the tightness. All other technical specifications are identical.




This BK18 is an add-on for our large GWC family. This camera is especially made for TV-inspections in very small wells or boreholes and for geothermal probes. It is specified for 400m water depth and the smallest diameter is 1” up to 4”. Combined with the Compass18 module you get a visual inspection and a 3-D deviation report. Please see our Compass18 data sheet.  
Because of the small camera diameter is this camera not “connector compatible” to the standard GWC-system. By using a special adapter this camera (with or without compass) can be connected to the GWC-system.