looking forward with optic fiber cable

The Gullyver system is an inspection system for ducts and pipes of 200mm up to 1500mm diameter.

This remote-controlled crawler is no longer powered by the relatively heavy-weight copper cable, but by a rechargeable batterypack.

For the remote-control and the transmission of the video sequences, an optic fibre cable is used. As this gives the crawler very little cable weight to drag, its operating range is extended to about 3000 meters. The data transmission suffers no interference and is independent of cable length. In the course of a day’s work, the extremely low weight of the cable saves set-up time (less fitting of equipment than other systems require) and allows for greater operational flexibility.


  • colour pan & tilt camera with auto-focus and 10-x optical zoom
  • pan & tilt range +/- 135°
  • rotation range +/- 180°
  • operational range from 200mm to 1500mm
  • integrated lifting allows for use up to 600mm without camera extension
  • cable length up to 3000m
  • duration >4 hours per battery
  • powerful lighting
  • data transfer via light-weight, robust optic fibre cable

Standard transfer of following parameters:

  • longitudinal slope
  • transversal slope
  • current drain
  • pivoting angle
  • rotation angle


  • various wheel-sets available
  • additional lighting
  • camera extension