Quick Change Design

QCD Wheels for crawlers with 12 mm axle

With the patented QCD adapter the new QCD wheels (Quick Change Design) allow a fast and easy wheel change without additional tools. The toolless wheel change reduces the set-up time, increases your efficacy and saves you time and money during an inspection. The QCD adapter is suitable for all crawlers with an axle diameter of 12 mm and is easy to mount. The wheels are available in three different materials (Rubber, HMS, Elka) and various wheel sizes. The portfolio of the wheels was extended with the HMS wheel, which is suitable for special use, for example in pipes with an increased ascent or in unrinsed pipes. Choose the wheel material according to the nature of the pipe and the intended purpose – the QCD wheels offer all opportunities that are individually suitable for your special areas of application.

  • Increased grip & smoothness
    The new innovative wheel profile of the QCD wheels offers excellent grip and an increased smoothness during inspections. Hence you have a judder-free camera picture which enables a precise detection of damages. Thus, a quick inspection and a high range within the pipe, covering several retention lengths, as well as a high durability are guaranteed!
  • Quality
    The QCD wheels are produced in highest iPEK quality, of course. They are low-wear and non-abrasive and defy the most adverse inspection conditions.
  • Ideal operation characteristics in the pipe
    The special wheel shape is ideally adjusted to the pipe diameter and the pipe contour and offers a large contact area on the pipe wall. Furthermore, the innovative design of the wheels allows a precise centering of the camera in the pipe. During the development special attention was paid to wheel diameters being as large as possible and ideal for every pipe diameter in order to achieve the maximum inspection speed. Additional ground clearance guarantees easier overcoming of obstacles and incorrect joints.