Take off with ROVION® …




The user-friendly ROVION®-pipeline inspection system has successfully completed tests out in the field; it is scalable and all components are fully compatible among each other. Depending on the combination of the high-quality components inspections for pipe diameters ranging from 100 to 2000 mm can be performed.

Sophisticated accessories permit to expand the system according to individual requirements and to master all inspection tasks easily. The robust and powerful, yet simultaneously flexible system can be used as mobile unit or installed into vehicles.


Safe in explosion-proof areas

The highest degree of safety is utmost priority when working in explosion-protected zones. iPEK's pipeline inspection systems ROVION® EX and AGILIOS™ EX guarantee to meet this requirement like hardly any other system in this industry.

Permanent monitoring of the single components and ATEX zone 1 approval stand for absolute safety and reliability in all application areas. Individual pressure-encapsulated system components enable an uncomplicated modification of the system configuration and ensure short set-up times and easy servicing.

Of course the ROVION® EX and AGILIOS™ EX inspection systems are also scalable and growth-oriented and can be tailored according to your individual requirements. With suitable extension modules iPEK offers the possibility to specifically customize these systems to your needs for operation in explosion-protected zones.



Getting started easily

iPEK offers an easy START into the pipeline inspection market. The AGILIOS™ pan & tilt push camera system lays the foundation for flexible and successful growth. Light-weight manual cable reels of the ROVION®-System with a cable length of up to 200 m and a selection of crawlers and cameras permit to carry out a full-fledged pipeline inspection even with one man operation.

You can upgrade your inspection system with further components at any time without any problem. Our system continues to grow along with your tasks thus representing a safe investment into your business planning.

The application sets of our IPEK START series are flexible starter solutions of the ROVION® pipeline inspection system. The compilations are for everyone who would like to start on a small scale, but wants to have the possibility to achieve great things.




Portable inspektion systems to go

Working easily, efficiently and independently with a sophisticated MOBILE inspection system: this is what the ROVION®-system stands for. Despite a cable length of 300 m the RAX300 cable reel is best suited for mobile use. It only requires a 240 V power socket and - depending on the crawler used - you can start to inspect pipelines with diameters ranging from 100 mm to 1000 mm. The VC200 control panel offers all the established inspection standards for this purpose and will intuitively guide you through each inspection process. The result can be viewed on a PC or exported to e.g. the WinCan Software for further processing.

The application sets of our IPEK MOBILE series include mobile crawler inspection systems. Choose your favorite set now!





Ready for all tasks

The area of application iPEK TRUCK covers the entire range of inspection tasks. With its ergonomic design the multi-functional DCX5000 control panel is the core control unit of custom-built vehicles equipped with the iPEK ROVION® system.

No matter where your application area may be - you are optimally prepared for all inspection tasks: inspection of pipelines with a diameter of up to 2000 mm and a length of 500 m, inspection of laterals by means of the satellite system or examination of boreholes up to 500m depth.

The application sets of our IPEK TRUCK series are perfectly suitable for all users who need complete systems for vehicle equipment, for all big inspection companies who have extensive inspection requirements and for all communal applications.