Rovion Bedienpulte


VC200: Mobile control panel

The ROVION® pipeline inspection system is equipped with the VC200 central control panel and the VISIONREPORT software. This control panel can also be used with other iPEK systems e.g. the AGILIOS pushcamera System

  • Multi-functional portable operator panel suitable for
  • ROVION® and AGILIOS™ and ReportableBox
  • Basis for operating software VISIONREPORT
  • Inspection according to predefined standards
  • Data display can be customized as desired
  • Video recording in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, picture recording in .BMP
  • Data storage on an internal CF-card (64GB)
  • Data transfer via USB and Ethernet
  • Touch-Screen suitable for daylight with a resolution of 800 x 600 px
  • Keyboard & mouse can be connected via USB
  • Low weight and ergonomic design for optimal operator convenience
  • Detachable belt

DCX5000: Operator panel custom-built vehicles & core control unit

The DCX5000 control panel is the core control unit of custom-built vehicles equipped with the ROVION® system.

  • Core control unit for custom-built vehicles – optimally prepared for all inspection requirements 
  • Multi-functional control panel with ergonomic design for fatigue-free working
  • Compact or customized arrangement of operating elements at your work place for utmost ease of use
  • Handy 3-axis-joysticks with push-function for precise control of all crawler and camera functions incl. zoom
  • All important control elements are arranged within the reach of your fingers to ensure a smooth inspection.
  • Touch-screen monitor for operating the system and for optimally monitoring the system status. In connection with the frame the monitor can be tilted and the operating elements can be arranged in a compact manner.
  • Linux-operating system for a high degree of data security and a fast system start
  • All current interfaces at the CCU I „on Board“