• ultra-bright LED extension light
  • only for ROVVER100



Extension light with back eye camera

  • ultra-bright LED extension light
  • integrated back eye camera
  • Standard: NTSC & PAL
  • only for ROVVER125


Pendant controller

  • to control all functions of all ROVVER crawler and cameras
  • connecting cable in different length available



Camera elevator kit adjustable 125

  • for Rovver125
  • allows centering of all cameras
  • works up to 600mm



Camera elevator kit adjustable 225

  • for Rovver225
  • allows centering of all cameras
  • works up to 1600mm


The shown extension light is not included but can ordered seperetly.







Wheel sets

  • miscellaneous wheel sets
  • different sizes
  • different lamination




Cable guide pulley bottom

  • flexible, 5-piece cable guide pulley for the manhole bottom
  • obligatory if you use a motorised cable reel




Cable guide pulley top

  • flexible cable guide pulley for manhole top
  • adjustable from 460mm up to 750mm
  • obligatory if you use a motorised cable reel




The brandnew REPORTable-BOX designed by iPEK gives you the best options to connect the established pipeline inspection system ROVVER® with the multifunctional pendant VISIONCONTROL. The reporting software VISIONREPORT with all its futureminded features in video- and picturerecording is therefore entirely usable while your pipeline inspections experts stay with the well-known user interfaces.

Options for tomorrow

Get now the REPORTable-BOX to extend your ROVVER®-System. It sets new options in a small and handy design. iPEK-technicians developed this connection panel therefore with interfaces between the ROVVER® -System and the handheld pendant VISIONCONTROL. Pipeline inspection data can be sent right now directly to the pendant and you can analyse them with the reporting tools the VISIONREPORT-software gives you at hand.

Accurate Reporting

The VISIONCONTROL-handheld pendant will be the basis for all control systems at iPEK in the future. For accurate reportings the pendant offers best views on a daylight presentable 800x600 touch screen. In its interior it offers functions like MPEG4 video recordings, storing this data on a hard drive, USB drive or a Xpress-card and a hard disk save mode while the pendant is shaken. For an easy and time saving usage of the VISIONREPORT-software it comes along with intuitive user interfaces. Amplify your options with the REPORTable-BOX.