The inspection system Ganymet has been developed conforming to the standards of an efficient, high-quality TV inspection of manholes. Ganymet is optimised for the inspection of standard manholes up to a depth of 8,5 meters and a maximum diameter of 2 meters.

Due to its compact design and its low weight, Ganymet can be used by one person alone with a minimum of set-up time. The installation and levelling of Ganymet are as easy to carry out on a crane vehicle as they are on the accessory tripod.

The inspection can be conducted either automatically by spiral panning of the inside of the manhole ( travel and rotation speed are adjustable) or via the use of the manual controls. Thanks to the clearly arranged control panels, the system can always be handled on intuition.

Uncompromising video quality, integrated measurement and compatibility to all established logging software further characterise the Ganymet.


  • high-resolution colour pan & tilt camera with unlimited rotation, auto-focus and 10-x optical zoom
  • high-capacity, integrated LED illumination
  • by default operational for manholes up to 8,5 m depth and 2 m diameter
  • automatic depth meter (displayed on video image)
  • Display of direction of sight (on video image)
  • integrated measurement via laser pointer
  • automatic inspection with adjustable travel and rotation speed (spiral inspection)
  • recording of the inspection possible with all standard software solutions
  • two independent limit switches at camera head to avoid damage to Ganymet and inspected object
  • manual approach to any position within manhole possible
  • fast set-up and one-man handling