The microEXPLORER allows you to offer more services and provides you the tools you need to detect and diagnose the unreachable.

The unit is equipped as standard with a semi-flexible 90 cm cable with a 17mm Automatic Self-Leveling (UP-IS-UP) imager head, extensions available up to 9 meter distance and water-resistant up to 3 meter.

Ideal small, lightweight inspection tool, time saver with image and audio storage. For the professional in general construction work, plumbing & HVAC work, repair and maintenance work, automotive work, to name but a few.

A hook or magnet for retrieving objects can be fitted to the imager head, or a mirror for inspecting from a different angle.

Product Specifications:

  • Display – 3.5” Colour LCD (320 x 240 resolution)
  • Camera size – 9,5 mm or 17 mm diameter
  • Lighting - 4 adjustable LED’s
  • Weight – 0,8kg
  • Power source – rechargeable Li-Ion battery (capacity 4 hours)
  • Waterproof – Camera and cable to 3 metres depth(when properly assembled)
  • Cable reach – extensions 90cm or 180cm(extendable up to 9 meter)

Standard Equipment includes:

  • Tool with 90 cm cable and 17mm imager head UP-IS-UP
  • Li-Ion battery & charger; USB cable
  • Carrying case
  • Three attachments - Mirror, hook and magnet


intern memory, 17mm camera: 23 pictures, 0m37s video

SD-Card 256MB, 17mm camera: 960 pictures, 25m42s video

intern memory, 9.5mm camera: 65 pictures, 0m37s video

SD-Card 256MB, 9.5mm camera: 2684 pictures, 25m42s video