SeeSnake micro

The SeeSnake micro inspection camera makes it easier for you to perform visual inspections in hard to reach areas such as wall cavities, ductwork, utility boxes and hundreds of other dark, hidden spaces.

The unit is equipped as standard with a semi-flexible 90cm cable with a 17 mm imager head and can be extended to 9 metres and is water-resistant to 3 metres.

A hook or magnet for retrieving objects can be fitted to the imager head, or a mirror for inspecting from a different angle.

Ideal small, lightweight inspection tool and time saver for the professional in general construction work, plumbing & HVAC work, repair and maintenance work, automotive work, to name but a few.

Product Specifications:

  • Display – 2.5” Colour LCD (160 x 234 resolution)
  • Camera size – 9,5 mm or 17 mm diameter
  • Lighting – 2 adjustable LED’s
  • Weight – 0.5 kg
  • Power Source – 4 AA batteries
  • Waterproof – Camera and cable to 3 metres depth (when properly assembled)
  • Cable reach – extensions 90cm or 180cm(extendable up to 9 meter)

Standard equipment includes:

  • Tool with 90 cm cable and 17mm imager head
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Carrying case
  • Three attachments - Mirror, hook and magnet