Gekko100 is the first crawler in a series of crawlers designed for different pipe dimensions. Gekko crawlers are automotive systems with integrated axial camera and lighting. Navigated by remote-control, they manage not only horizontal but also vertical pipes with ease. Even small 90° pipe bends of 1.5 x d or rough surfaces offer no obstacle to them.

The 12 drive wheels are powered by precision engines combined with high-quality planetary gear sets.

The patented assembly of powering elements and a special system of shock-absorbers guarantee optimal traction, allowing the crawler to move up vertical pipes and along 90° bends.



  • operational range: DN100 – 125
  • pipe lengh up to 500m
  • manages 90° bends up to 1.5 x d
  • axial colour camera, fixed-focus
  • very efficient LED-lighting
  • powered by 2 x 12 drive wheels
  • controlled by iPEK SuperVision® control unit
  • length measurement via iPEK SuperVision® system
  • data display via iPEK SuperVision® control unit