Goliath is an inspection system for accessible pipes. It has an operational area of 1000 to 4000mm and a cable length of up to 3000m.

In addition to his personal protective equipment, the person conducting the inspection is further equipped with a hand-held camera, a battery belt, a control unit and a head-set. He is connected to the inspection vehicle via a very light optic fibre cable. With the help of inspection software in the inspection vehicle, the inspection can be recorded fully and conforming to standard. An intercom connection allows the person above ground controlling the vehicle and the inspector in the pipes to stay in contact at all times.

The hand-held camera has two powerful bulbs, allowing for sufficient lighting for video recording even under bad conditions.


  • hand-held camera with auto-focus, 10-x optical zoom and powerful lighting
  • operational from 1000 to 4000mm
  • data transfer via a light-weight, resilient optic fibre cable
  • cable length of up to 3000m
  • intercom connection between the two inspectors below and above ground
  • compatible with Gullyver-System
  • adjustable to all established inspection systems


Goliath EX (protected against explosion): Goliath system constructed according to Ex-Protection guidelines and certified II 3G EEx n IIB T3.


A wide range of possible accessories, please contact us for detailed information.