Survey pipelines safely and at a fraction the cost & time. 75% of underground lines need no cleaning or CCTV inspection. Identify them instantly with the patented new QuickView® manhole and pipeline survey camera. iPEK is the sole distributor of the system in europe.

With the QuickView® manhole and pipeline survey camera, a single operator surveys lines safely from street level, saving the expense of a CCTV van and crew. A powerful zoom camera and lamps pinpoint hidden flaws and obstructions, then document them with color video and digital images.

Join hundreds of professionals who depend on the QuickView® manhole and pipeline survey camera for rapid, thorough inspection of underground infrastructure.


  • Survey/assess manhole and mainline condition.
  • Inspect tanks and vessels.
  • Survey easements.
  • Plan cleaning and inspection vehicles operation.
  • View treatment plant gauges and equipment.
  • Easements, remote areas.
  • Ideal for: Municipalities, DOT Workers, Engineering Technicians, Contractors


  • Battery recharge interval 8h
  • Weight 15 lb.
  • Zoom 432:1 (36:1 optical, 12:1 digital)
  • Sensitivity 1.4 lux
  • Focus auto / manual / macro
  • Iris auto / manual
  • Shutter auto / manual
  • Pressure tight 1 bar
  • Lamps dual 14W HID
  • Lamp rating 1.800 lumens
  • 30' carbon-fiber pole collapses to 7'1"
  • Armored cable with quick disconnect carries
  • Belt-mounted joystick control allows operation and transport by a single technician.
  • Camera, pole and quick-disconnect cable submerge 38'.
  • Centered view in All Lines.