First step taken for passing the torch at Gullyver  

Two runners with a preference for long distances

As of January 1, Sebastian Anders, son of founder and sole director Lothar Anders, has become a partner of Gullyver’s GmbH’s management. For this company that specializes in solutions in the field of TV inspection this was the first step on the way towards transferring business ownership further down the line.

The conditions in which Sebastian Anders is entering into the company’s management are very good. Thanks to his industrial engineering degree, years of experience in executive positions in national and international sales departments at Philips Lighting, and an in-house trainee program, he was able to acquire the necessary technical, commercial, and managerial skills.  

“I would like to make use of the advantage that we have as entrepreneurs to shape this phase of life, meaning a slow exit from the business. Therefore, we will now tackle the passing of the torch that has so far only been theoretically discussed. As a father, I am proud and happy that my son, who has my full confidence, is not only well prepared to be my successor, but also eager to accept this responsibility. 
We want to approach this process with the necessary care and time to ensure that stability and reliability continue to characterize our relationship with customers, suppliers, partners, and, not least of all, employees,” says Lothar Anders.   
Sebastian Anders describes the challenges of the coming years: “In the future we plan to expand the market position of Gullyver GmbH both nationally and internationally. My entry into the company and the resulting increase in capacity are important prerequisites for this.” First, however, Sebastian Anders must thoroughly familiarize himself with the market environment and related technology.