RIDGID®locators are fast and easy to use.

All RIDGID® locators use one or two 3D antenna(s) that allow the locator to ”see” all of the signal. A 3D antena allows you to conduct a graphical search. Using an on-screen map to show the location of the target you are searching for.

Fast and Easy:

When tracing sondes: just walk towards the highest number and you find the target. When tracing lines: follow the on-screen indications to find the target line easily. Everyone can learn to locate in a couple minutes!


Use the added info provided by the mapping display to confirm your locate and to be very precise.

Select the locator that best suits your needs Criteria are:

  • What do you need to find?
  • Size of screen.
  • How is depth calculated?
  • Precision = a longer antenna gives more precision.
  • Frequencies available.