Bericht von REETEC GmbH

REETEC GmbH, part of EDF EN Group, has tested a new internal blade inspection system and method on an over 60m long offshore wind turbine blade.

The required equipment for REETEC’s new internal blade inspection method, consisting of a high resolution rotary swivel head camera, measurement laser and supporting devices, is installed in about 1 hour.

After the inspection of a blade in a 6 o’clock position, the system automatically generates an inspection report draft as part of the workflow, the company explained.

REETEC performed the test of the internal blade inspection system at an unnamed North Sea wind farm. REETEC said that, by combining data acquisition, data processing, documentation, reporting and, if required, repair activities on- and offshore, it is now able to offer an all-in blade package.

“Next to the offshore test, 15 onshore turbines were tested successfully with the new system, which is now released for all new inspections projects. Simplification and efficacy of wind energy technology is a steady motivation for REETEC to develop new and better solutions for our customers as we have done it for about two decades now,” said Claus Sejersen, Technical Director REETEC GmbH.


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