Sewer Inspection

Underground Values

Under the ground there are enormous values such as pipes, drains, manholes and buildings for drainage. For their service and maintenance assessment plays a crucial role. We offer versatile camera systems for this complex infrastructure.

House Connection Pipes

Drainage systems between house and main sewer are usually private property. They have minor nominal diameters between DN100 and DN200. For the inspection of these branched drainage systems push rod cameras are used.

Main sewers

Wastewater pipes to the sewage works are run by the municipal drainage company. These companies arrange for the sewer inspection which is mainly realized with crawler systems, integrated in inspection vans for mobile operation.


Manholes often are only surveyed at a short glance and the condition is at its best documented in writing. We offer camera-based inspection systems for a systematic and better assessment and documentation.

Further equipment, such as the electronic zoom camera or the video nozzle, allows a more efficient sewer maintenance and completes the classic sewer inspection.



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