Long Distance Pipe Inspection

Inspection on Long Leash

Several pipes can't be examined with conventional inspection systems because the distance between the ways of access is to long (max. 500m), examples are: drainage pipes, pressure pipes (water and waste water), gas pipes or power plant pipes. In these cases we are able to offer alternative solutions.

Fibre Optic instead of Copper

The length limitation of conventional systems is due to the cable weight of 5 to 10kg per 100m, which has to be pulled by the crawler. In our special systems we therefore use fibre optic cable with a weight of 1,5 to 2,5kg per 100m which is used for the communication from and to the crawler. 

Fiber Optic for Each Dimension

Our FO-based camera systems cover the entire spectrum of different nominal diameters. DN80 - DN300 pipes can be inspected with our WaterSnake, which is pulled through the pipe. Larger dimensions from DN150 - DN 2000 can be driven on with our GullyverII system.

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