Gullyver II

Inspection system for up to 2500m

Pressure pipe line, gas pipes,  ....

are examples of applications that require inspection lengths of significantly more than the usual 500m. Up to now, this could not be achieved with conventional systems. Such inspection lengths are now possible through the use of a super light fiber optic cable.

Rovion series components with super light fiber optic cable

The second Gullyver generation is based on the combination of Rovion series components, such as the Rovion crawler with camera head, lift etc. and the Gullyver II components, which enable the extreme inspection length, such as the winch with fiber optic cable and a trailer as a interface between crawler and the FO cable to carry the battery.

Up to 2500m in length and from DN200-DN2000

The system is designed for pipe dimensions from DN200-DN2000. The winch holds a maximum of 2500m Gullyver fiber optic cable (5mm) and has an integrated control unit. Two types of control panel are part of the system: a wireless Xbox controller and a desk control panel. The GCC software gives the operator access to all system parameters as well as an integrated video and photo recording function. A flexible, simple report function or a sewer inspection software such as WinCan are optionally available.


Gullyver II in action

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