Ridgid NaviTrack

NaviTrack Scout & NaviTrackII

RIDGID® locating devices are fast, reliable and user-friendly. All standard frequencies such as transmitters in camera heads or remote transmitters (512Hz, 640Hz, 33kHz) and line frequencies (50/60Hz) are supported.

Independent from directions

All RIDGID® locating devices are working with two 3D antennas, which enable the locating devices to receive the signal. One of the two 3D antennas enables the device to perform a graphical prospecting independent from the dircetion. A displayed map shows where the target is.

Fast and Unproblematic:

Search for a probe: the target will be at the highest number. Search for a pipe: follow the displayed instructions to find the pipe smoothly.

Scout vs. NaviTrackII

- greater display

- more precise

- more sensitivity

- suitable for line locating


Ridgid transmitter

Remote transmitter and floating probe - battery-powered/512Hz

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