GeoWellCam Cable Reels

Compact and mobile

In both cable reels the control unit for the water well cameras as well as the data insertion, video digitization and an electronic meter counter are already integrated. The reels are controlled via PC with installed GCC Vision Software and a wireless xbox controller.

Measurement of lengths with the GUL100 is realized by the deflection pulley supplied, wheras the motorized cable reels GUL300 compact and GUL500 compact have an integrated meter counter.

GWC GUL300 & GUL500 compact

The motorized cable reel GUL300 compact comes with a maximum cable length of 300m and the GUL500 compact with 500m which are rewinded over an integrated cross spindle.The speed of the reel can be adjusted continuously variable and very sensitive due to the integrated control electronics. The cable reels are self-locking to prevent from an accidentally unwinding of the cable.

GWC GUL100 compact

The light and mobile cable reel GUL100 compact, with a maximum cable length of 100m, is optimized for manhole and water well inspections. Rewinding and unwinding is done by manually. Accidental unwinding can be stopped by means of a brake.


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