GeoWellCam Accessories

GWC Desktop Control Panel

The camera is actuated through a multiaxial joystick and the cable reel trough a potentiometer. The more complex camera funcionalities have makros on a touchpad. All relevant system states like inside pressure and temperature of the camera are displayed on the control panel.

GWC Compass Module

Serves to display the viewing direction referring to magnetic north and can be attached on every GWC pan & tilt cameras. Alongside the compass sensor two inclinometers are integrated to measure the vertical deviancy of the borehole.

GWC Compass 18

Designed for measuring the course/deviancy of the borehole in water wells and geothermal probes. Like the BK18 the compass 18 can be connected to the GWC system via adapter, as the plug is incompatible, due to the small diameter of the compass.

GCC VisionReport

By means of this extension to the GCC-software a report can be created easily and very flexibly during the inspection.The depth of the respective entries is automatically taken from the data display.

GWC Battery Power Supply

This battery power supply enables to use your GWC Inspection System in mobile applications. The total capacity will supply your camera unis for at least 10-16 hours. This unit is lighter and smaller than normal generators and offers noisless and odourless working.


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