WaterSnake Pan & Tilt

TV inspection system for length up to 2500m with at least 70mm diameter


The Gullyver WaterSnake System consists of 2500m fiber optic cable on an automatic cable reel, the water snake with a PTP50 camera head and the GCC Vision Report Software (optional WinCan) on a notebook (not included). A flexible hose contains batteries for power supply and the electronics for signal adaption.


Most important component is the WaterSnake with the unrevised camera head PTP50 in front and a hydrophon  behind it. This combination of two sensors - camera and hydrophon allows the manual correlation of two physically completely independent sensors to detect and locate leaks in pressure pipes.

Range of Use

The WaterSnake is applicable from DN60 to DN300, as it's got no engines it has to be pulled by means of a rope, a parachute or a pig. 


The communication between control unit - integrated in the cable reel - and GCC software- installed on a standard notebook - is realized via USB cable. Apart from several macro functions for system control and a complete overview over the system status, the GCC software provides a video display with recorder and screenshot function and optionally a simple and flexible multilingual report function. A wireless xbox controller or optionally a desktop control panel are used as operating devices.


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Watersnake presentation

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